Happy Endings Home Inspections LLC.

My goal is to give you the best customer service you have ever experienced. To accomplish this, I provide you with a clear and easy to read, check box, color coded, home inspection report. Included is a detailed summary along with color pictures and identification markers to explain my findings. I invite my clients and or Realtors to be present during my inspections. I have found transparency in what I am doing along with detailed information helps to ease the minds of all parties involved in a home inspection.  Once the inspection is complete, I do a walk-through with the clientshowing you the "secrets" of your home.

With a background in contracting and residential inspecting, I offer my clients a precise, objectified whole house inspection.Years of experience has taught me that no two inspections are the same. And while many components are similar, I take several hours to complete a whole house inspection as to give you the most through and accurate account of your home on that particular date in time.

I look forward to being your home inspector.

Thank you,

Chris Roberts

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Happy Endings Home Inspections LLC.